Cameron Chung – A Competitive Nature

Cameron Chung is a professional in the business sales and marketing industry that has experienced much success in the field, despite his lack of long term real world experience. What Cameron lacks in experience however, he makes up for in knowledge of his field as well as raw passion and enthusiasm for his job. Cameron loves the business world of finance and sales because its fast paced and highly competitive nature is a seamless fit for him. Cameron says that he has always been competitive by nature, something that he demonstrated time and time again during grade and high school, as he was involved in many sports. Cameron loved participating in sports because of the many rivalries and friendly competitions. Cameron says that competition is the spirit of capitalism, and allows everyone to move collectively towards something better, a higher goal. Cameron says that he loves competition because it is the catalyst for change, inspiring people to push and challenge themselves so that we can progress collectively as humans on the whole. Cameron says that without the spirit of competition, nothing would ever change or improve, and we would not have many of the intellectual, cultural, industrial, and artistic improvements that we take for granted today.

Improving through competition is Cameron Chung’s favorite aspect of the business world, and why he is so enamored with it. Cameron says that it is amazing to see how every individual business reacts to another, countering their certain method or market scheme with something else. The result is a level of creativity and quality that is bar none. Cameron says that this is similar to the Aesop fable where the crow drops stones into a bucket to get a drink of water. If necessity is the mother of invention, then competition is the father.



Cameron Chung – On Finance

Cameron Chung is a professional in the business administration and sales world that has dedicated himself to the field, as well as to the principle of self improvement. Cameron is one of those rare and gifted individuals that can see not only the problem and the solution, but multiple solutions for one problem, as well as possessing the foresight to see future problems that may arise. This is a particularly useful talent in the field of finance, and something that he has utilized to great effect in the business world. Cameron first acquired most of his knowledge on finance while attending Florida State University. At the university Cameron would take on a triple major, finance being among them.

In only four years Cameron ChungCameron Chung (30) would receive a Bachelor’s degree in all three majors, but said that he felt he understood finance the most thoroughly by the end of the course. Cameron says that finance is an intriguing field, both fast paced and ever evolving. Cameron says that understanding economics and the financial systems and institutes in place that drive it forward is something that will take a lifetime to learn, but a task he is more than ready and willing to pursue.

Cameron Chung says that the purpose of finance in the business world is simple, it uses forms and techniques that generate money and stimulate the economy in one way or another. The most popular form of this stimulation is lending and interest rates. Cameron says loans are particularly useful because they allow the capital required for new businesses to arise, creating more jobs and generating more income, including the interest generated from the loan. So long as the business is successful, everyone wins in the scenario.