Cameron Chung – Professional Social Networking

Social networking has grown from its early years of casual socializing to a strategic component of a business’s marketing plan. The use of Social Networking as a marketing tool and quick way for a company to build brand awareness has become a top priority to most marketing departments in any type of company. Being able to produce valuable content and gain mindshare of the consumer or other businesses that could use your service or product is so important that most companies hire someone specific to manage this piece of their marketing.

 Cameron Chung has built a strong understanding of the concept of Social Networking for companies and is trained in the field. He talks about how important social networking is to the profile of the company at every level. Social networking is a powerful tool that requires the right type of planning and guidance to tell the story of what it is people want to say. If it is a product, then that is the message. If it is a brand, then that is the influence and messaging you want out there. If it is a career that you wish to talk about, then it is important to engage with influencers and communities that talk about that kind of thing and establish your presence through the social channels.

Cameron Chung also understands that Social Networking is not just about blasting and announcing its own company’s news but to also engage with followers, customers, and other advocates. Cameron believes that a thorough social media plan will integrate all social media platforms in such a way that you rotate through these things with an objective to get the maximum impact from the work that you do. Cameron knows that social networking will only evolve and continue to play a key role in a company’s growth and success.