Cameron Chung – Relationship Management in Sales

Sales is not just about selling anymore. There are strategies and relationship management that is involved in sales. It’s not just about making the right sales pitch but instead starting a conversation. It is also not just about selling to anyone and everyone who will listen. You have to know your customer profile and learn more about potential prospects by qualifying them. Building a relationship will help to understand if you are a good fit for a potential customer or if the potential customer is a good fit for your product or service.

Cameron Chung

Cameron Chung is a professional sales consultant who knows the importance of building customer relationships. Though he has only been working for a short period of time, only graduating in 2014 from FSU College of Business, his raw talent and knack for not just relating to people, but setting long term business relationships and networking has made him a key contributor to his company. As a sales consultant, Cameron says that one of the most important skill sets you can possess on the job is the ability to relate to others, as well as to know other professionals in the field. Cameron says that business can be very closely related to politics, and that the more individuals you know, the more resources at your command and ultimately, the more sales and profits you will be able to generate. Cameron says that building and maintaining relationships within a community through various businesses, vendors, and customers is how you begin to build trust, which is a salesman or saleswoman’s best friend. Cameron says that a salesman is the face of the company, and if people trust you, they will trust your product.

Cameron Chung says that sales has always been what he is interested in, and he is one of those individuals who is fortunate enough to be able to work in his field. Cameron hopes only to continue to improve his skill set and general knowledge in the industry, and says that he will continue to put his best foot forward and learn everything there is to know about the business world. Cameron has also demonstrated a true knack and talent for the industry, as he picks up on the subtleties of the job and performs better than nearly all of his peers in the same arena.