Cameron Chung – Show Me the Money

In the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire, pro football player Rod Tidwell famously tells his new agent, “Show me the money!” Translation: get me the most lucrative contract possible.

Cameron Chung
Cameron Chung

The movie asked whether a conscience-stricken agent, the eponymous Jerry Maguire, could continue to operate in the ruthless environment of big time professional sports, where money speaks louder than anything else. Maguire has been fired from a major agency after expressing his doubts about the ethics of the business. He is forced to start his own agency but only has one client, the confident and outspoken Tidwell. The film centers on whether Maguire can succeed but remain true to himself, and his core principles.

The film shows the enormous influence of money on professional sports. Money has always influenced professional sports – it is, after all, a business. But has it gotten out of hand? The sports industry today generates billions of dollars in revenues, and apart from the games themselves includes areas of sports marketing, sponsorship and media, to name just a few. There are numerous opportunities for non-athletes to break into the industry, but competition is fierce and unforgiving.

By the end of the movie, Jerry Maguire manages to show Rod Tidwell the money, without having to sell himself out. He succeeds while remaining honest and ethical. It is an example that Cameron Chung hopes to emulate. He is a 2014 graduate of Florida State University, an honors student who triple majored in finance, marketing, and professional sales. He has always been interested in sports and would like to become an agent himself. He is currently working as an account executive in a startup business in New York.