The Growth of Sports Management Education

The sports industry has become a sprawling, multi-billion dollar behemoth, a broadly defined business that by some estimates is worth upwards of a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually. It’s a tough industry to break into, but at the same time there are more opportunities than ever before: sports marketing and sponsorship, sports media, and even sports at higher education institutions, all of them growing at rates of up to fifteen percent.

Cameron ChungConsider sports management. Over the last three decades, according to some sources, there has been a significant growth in sports management education programs at many universities, with expansions in undergraduate and master’s-level programs, and even MBAs. One of the leaders in this has been the Center for Sports Administration at Ohio University, which over the last forty years has produced more than a thousand graduates who have gone on to careers in sports management, marketing, media, and other related fields. Another leading program is the Mark H. McCormack Department of Sports Management at the University of Massachusetts, known for the breadth and quality of its programs.

The entrées for most students aspiring to a profession in the sports industry are through an internship at one of the many agencies or organizations that are somehow connected to professional sports. Getting one is highly competitive, but a necessity for those who really want to break in.

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